March 7, 2023

Winning Walls

Wallpaper for any Style

by Vanessa Schaumann

Wall coverings (and fabrics!) are featuring natural patterns in more intense hues than ever.  Animal prints, deep florals and nature scenes are available in a variety of deep tones.  Some patterns are moody and sophisticated, while others are playful and even humorous.

Hoopoe Leaves wallpaper by Cole & Son
Arance wallpaper by Cole & Son

Traditional patterns, such as these William Morris wall coverings, have also made a strong comeback.  Morris’ work was widespread during the Victorian era.  He revolutionized the printing of wallcoverings and produced them on a larger scale.  His work was soon accessible to not just the bourgeoise, but artists and merchants also.  His stylized botanicals reached iconic status and have achieved widespread popularity again.

Pure Fruit wallpaper by Morris & Co
Seasons by May wallpaper by Morris & Co

For more subtle tastes, grass cloth or cork wallpapers are great options. Both grass cloth and cork are generally more environmentally friendly options than standard wallpaper. They also have the added benefit of sound dampening. If your design features hard flooring such as tile, concrete or wood, this benefit can be significant. Cork and grass cloth each come in a wide variety of colors and even printed patterns.

Jolla wallpaper by York Wallcoverings
Sculpture Garden wallpaper by York Wallcoverings

Traditional wallpaper is limited in pattern size. The pattern needs to repeat often enough to not leave large amounts of unused paper after application. But it also needs variation. This limits wallpaper to small-scale patterns only. Wallpaper murals solve this problem. They are custom sized to your project and come in a wide variety of patterns and themes. The accompanying price tends to be higher, but murals are still a great price for accent walls or higher impact areas.

Sirene Panel Set wallpaper by Schumacher
Terra Panel Set wallpaper by Schumacher

Whatever your style preference, wallcoverings are a great option. They establish an atmosphere quickly and often at a relatively low cost. We recommend working through a designer to purchase and install. Accurate measurements are important, as re-ordering due to shortages comes with a risk of mis-matched dye lots.

Main image source: Nuvalette by Cole & Son

by Vanessa Schaumann
March 7, 2023

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