May 4, 2023

Tell It With Texture

Create Dimension and Movement

by Vanessa Schaumann

Some rooms look so good they just need to be felt.  Smooth, chunky, grainy, nubby, scaly, silky... these are just a few of the endless descriptors for our human need to explore and experience the world’s variety through touch.  

The effect of texture is found in contrast.  Our minds are attuned to find differences in our environment.    In a bouquet of white roses, our eyes will notice a single red stem first.  Changes in texture direct the eye to find a point of emphasis.  Textural changes also establish a sense of depth and a flow of movement throughout a space.

As with most design elements, a little goes a long way.  Keep most of your selections to a subtly variable or generally smooth surface, saving the dramatic texture for a few specific points of interest.  For example, if your main living space has stone floors, add a chunky wool rug to center your furniture grouping.  Throw a boucle pillow or cable-knot throw onto a leather sofa.  

Texture can be a powerful tool to communicate comfort, luxury and sophistication.  Particularly in modern spaces with a low-contrast or a light-colored palette, the textural contrast needs to be striking to keep the space alive and interesting.

  • Tray from video clip
Boucle pillows by Four Hands

Beto Banded Vase by Four Hands

Moffet wallpaer by Vahallan
Sakkara wallpaper by Vahallan
Enchanted Brushed wallpaper by Vahallan
by Vanessa Schaumann
May 4, 2023

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