April 5, 2023

Statements in Stone

Natural Stone Applications and Accessories

by Vanessa Schaumann

Humans have used the natural resource of stone as a decorative element since prehistory.  From humble cave drawings to sleek backlit quartzite counters, the decorative use of stone has come a very long way.

Stone remains a popular design choice because of its durability and beauty.  Style and color continue to change, of course.  Let’s look at a few of our favorites stone applications.

Quartzite fireplace

The leathered finish almost eliminates reflective glare, further grounding these earthy tones and establishing warmth and comfort.  The copper banding provides just enough visual contrast to highlight the shape and depth of the fireplace.

Photo Credit: Z Stone Creations

Marble Plinth

Stone furniture is gaining a strong presence in furniture designs.   This side table is available in marble and two travertine finishes.  Its strong modern presence is tempered by the elegance of marble.  For a modern aesthetic, feature it as a solo piece or top it with a lamp, books or picture frames for a more traditional flair.

Marble Plinth by Rove Concepts

Travertine Bookends

Stone doesn’t need to be formal or stuffy.  These travertine bookends are great example of the playful forms that are gaining in popularity.  The rigidity of the stone is contrasted by the soft curves and porous texture.  The light ones of travertine make this stone a versatile choice in furniture and accessories.  Its porous nature makes it a poor choice, however, for flooring and other hard finish surfaces.

Arched Bookends by An Attractive Addition

by Vanessa Schaumann
April 5, 2023

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